CPSC – 20220430-2122 – MGT-Notice

Official Communication of the CPSC Management

CPSC (formerly DCPS) has been active as a support team for Aidana Games (Car Parking Multiplayer) for about one and a half years now.

During this time we have experienced, recorded and reported a lot and deepened our cooperation with the developers.
During this time we have earned the trust of the developers and developed a common strategy.

Setting common goals and achieving them together is our mission as CPSC. In doing so, as a strong joint team, we emphasize transparency and close communication.
CPM is a product of Olzhas Games (Aidana Games) and the CPSC defends the protection interests of the developers. The goals of the developers are also the goals of the CPSC and beyond.

We respect the interests of all (players and developers).